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Although FasTran's Urban was first to be developed, FasTran will use Magic as its lead domestic and export technology.  Magic offers outstanding value to compete economically in, and benefit from, rapidly expanding 3rd world markets.  59% of USA's and 52% of the world's populations now live in cities and their suburbs.  These numbers are projected to increase exponentially.  The United Nations forecast in 36 years (2050), 70% of the world's population will live in cities.  Also during these years, the world's population will increase from 7 to 10 billion people. 

These massive increases and shifts in population will result in the remaining sections of inner-city land becoming occupied.  Surface immobility and transportation gridlock will become an urban norm.  A point for additional consideration, by as early as 2020, the United Nations projects world's population will consume 40% more energy. 

FasTran's Magic will reach its market objectives and achieve its financial success through:

  • unparalleled "value/price point",
  • system location flexibility that requires only a 3' x 3' land footprint every 100' for support column placement
  • public Right-of-Way (ROW) location - Near zero land costs for taxpayers.
  • guideways built with fast modular construction in controlled environment.
  • guideways trucked down freeways during low drive times... lower cost - faster construction
  • overall system quality - widebodied comfort - quiet operations - safety that exceeds expectations

The market is on our side, growing rapidly and openly seeking new transportation answers.


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