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FasTran Transit Dynamics Offers Two Widebodied, Cantilevered Urban Transit Designs: Urban and Magic.

Urban.  FasTran's Urban is an aerial, cantilevered, monorail transit system. The high capacity Urban is designed to be a mainline system and will compete directly with light rail in mid-to-high capacity markets.  The Urban features a 21' wide by 50' long cabin with 3 passenger aisles.  Two entry doors on the cabin’s right side and 2 exit doors on the cabin’s left side provide passengers an orderly entry/exit flow.  The cabin also offers 3 aisles for direct entry/exit to wide, comfort seats.  84 seats present passengers with spectacular views while traveling high above the city's traffic at 75mph.  Indirect lighting bathes selected areas of the well-appointed cabin.  Most important, passenger safety is unparalleled with a vehicle that is geometrically impossible to derail from the guideway.  If egress from the cabin is ever required, egress safety is maintained on an emergency walkway between the bi-directional guideways.  Urban’s total cabin capacity is 150.


Magic.  FasTran's Magic is an aerial, cantilevered monorail that will provide mainline transit service for small-to-medium sized cities with superior flexibility at a significantly lower price point than light rail.  For larger cities with an existing mainline system, Magic can serve as a cost effective feeder for the mainline system or interface FasTran's higher capacity Urban transit system.  Vehicles are cantilevered from the guideway which introduces a torque forces into the guideway and that in-turn allows designers to create a truly wide cabin. The 16' wide cabin offers 2 aisles for direct entry/exit to a wide comfort seat. 36 seats are strategically located within the cabin offer spectacular views while the vehicle travels safely, high above the city's traffic at 55mph.  Indirect lighting bathes the cabin.  Emergency egress is from the left side onto a nonslip walkway, with emergency handholds and enclosed steps for egress to a walkway between twin guideways.  Magic’s total cabin capacity is 72 and will be the Low Cost Transit Solution.    


(Photovoltaic cells, illustrated in orange, represent an optional feature that can replenish electric power for vehicle and grid.)


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